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Welcome to Celebrate Home!

What is Celebrate Home?

Celebrate Home is a unique and exciting new business opportunity!               
We will show you how to make an EXCEPTIONAL Income while greeting new home owners in your community while connecting them to your local small businesses, nonprofit organizations and your community at large.

Celebrate Home is NOT a Franchise!

LOW Start Up // HIGH Return // NO Royalties….EVER!!!


Our motto is:   “Building Communities One Home at a Time.”
This opportunity is a win – win situation for "ALL" who are involved!!!

Our proven program helps communities, small businesses, and non-profit organizations while YOU are earning a Generous Income!

Our program will teach you an innovative way to profit in this tough  economy!                                    

·         Own your own Welcome Service

·         Work in an untapped market

·         Affordable start-up cost

·         Set your own schedule

·         Earn as much as you desire – with excellent income potential

·         Enjoy what is important to you … community, family, friends

We offer a PROVEN Business Plan and AMAZING Earning Potential when you purchase a Celebrate Home Business Start Up Kit. (Click Here to see how FAST you can generate PROFITS!)



What We Do:                                                                                                                                                

Celebrate Home welcomes new home owners with a generous basket filled with community information and gifts and gift certificates from local businesses. Celebrate Home helps local non-profit organizations by providing new home owners with a list of each group’s needs and volunteering opportunities, also included are local church worship services and upcoming events – all FREE OF CHARGE to the non-profit organization!

These spectacular gift baskets are a sure way to bring new customers in to your potential  business sponsor’s place of business. Following are a few examples of gifts our new homeowners receive from area sponsors. Every item is beautifully packaged as an individual gift and nestled into the basket, making a stunning presentation for a delighted homeowner!

 * A fine dining restaurant offers a beautifully etched wine glass, the restaurant’s menu, and a gift certificate for a FREE prime rib dinner. To sweeten the deal even further, they offer TWO additional Friday night fish fries – all absolutely FREE!

 * A popular Italian pizzeria offers an etched bar glass stuffed with the establishment’s food & drink menu and a gift certificate for a FREE 18” pizza . . . with unlimited toppings!

* An ice cream parlor offers an ice cream scoop with the company name and logo. A gift certificate for 6 FREE ice cream cupcakes and a second offer for a FREE ice cream specialty cone complete the scrumptious package.

* A butcher shop offers a full-size private label meat marinade and steak rub with a gift certificate for 2 FREE T-bone steaks PLUS additional discounts on deli meats and cheeses.

* A miniature golf center offers 10 FREE (company name-engraved) game tokens with a gift certificate for a FREE round of golf for four.

* A veterinarian offers a beautiful tote bag with the animal hospital name and logo. The bag is filled with everything a dog and his owner could hope for: a leash, a dog toy, and a Frisbee! Also included with this generous gift is a gift certificate for a FREE initial visit, a FREE night of boarding, a FREE nail clipping, and a FREE dose of Frontline flea & tick application. WOW!

* An auto repair shop offers tire gauges and key chains that bear the company name. With a gift certificate for a FREE oil change and 20% off their first auto repair, what new homeowner could resist?!?

* An appliance repair service offers a magnet, a pen and a pocket calendar along with a gift certificate for a FREE same-day service call.

* A beauty salon offers samples of hair care products and a nail file (with the business name printed on it) along with an incredible gift certificate for a FREE cut and color, a FREE men’s haircut, and 50% off a massage!

* A tanning salon offers a sample tanning lotion and eye protection with a gift certificate for a FREE month of unlimited tanning!

As you can see, we offer an amazing “DOOR BUSTER” gift certificate to acquire potential “new customers” for every business we (you!) represent. We also encourage new business sponsors to add additional offers with each new visit. This form of bold marketing will bring potential customers in your business sponsors’ doors more frequently and will also allow new homeowners to try everything the business owner has to offer.

Furthermore, by supplying new homeowners with promotional items (gifts) that bear sponsors’ names and business information, you are providing constant visual advertising for your sponsors that will likely cause these new potential customers to think of them before searching the Yellow Pages.

The Celebrate Home personalized visit to the new home owner  exceeds any other form of advertising media. Newspapers are getting thinner and t.v. & radio media is unaffordable to most. Direct mail can be costly and often is tossed in the garbage. Celebrate Home stands out above the crowd with our bold form of WORD OF MOUTH & VISUAL MARKETING! It is affordable and EFFECTIVE in these tough times! 

In addition, With every visit to new residents you will have the opportunity to share the fundamental value of shopping locally – offering them unique and helpful insight into the importance of supporting and building your area’s economy while you have fun growing your local communities economy while making a great income!.


The following profit chart explains the Celebrate Home Income Opportunity. Your income is generated by the number of business sponsors you represent with each home visit. Our program will provide you with the information to set the cost per basket to your business sponsors ($3.00 / $4.00 / $5.00) and how many visits per month are determined by the demographics in your community.



Based on 30 deliveries per month:


Here's an example of how to use the chart above - it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!                                                                                                                                                       

1 – You have signed 40 business sponsors.

2 – Each business sponsor pays 4.00 per basket (per month).

3 – You deliver 30 baskets (per month) to new homeowners.

40 sponsors x $4.00 per basket x 30 baskets = $4,800.00 per month


Now let’s think REALLY big! One more example:

1 – You have signed 100 business sponsors.

2 – Each business sponsor pays $5.00 per basket (per month).

3 – You deliver 30 baskets (per month) to new homeowners.

100 sponsors x 5.00 per basket x 30 baskets = $15,000.00 per month!!!


     { Stick With Us Here, this gets even BETTER! }

Return on Your (Celebrate Home) Investment: (ROI)

Based on the profit chart above, you can easily recoup your entire Celebrate Home business Opportunity investment in just one to two months depending on how much initiative you take and how much you charge per basket in your demographic area.

Let's use this as an example: Cindy and Dawn signed 60 businesses in their very first 60 days of operation.  The following example is using the lower price of $3.00 per basket as per the chart above.

If each business is charged $3.00 per basket delivery, based on 30 deliveries per month.  

60 businesses billed at $3.00 per delivery x 30 deliveries per month = $5,400.00 in your very first month!

Note: The average home visit takes 10 – 15 minutes which yields $180.00 per home delivery. Wouldn’t you say that’s a pretty amazing income for visiting with your new neighbors?
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Comparison Chart 


We have done extensive research on businesses that offer the same type of program as Celebrate Home, Inc. Starting costs on the least expensive welcome service business opportunity is $12,000 plus royalties’ and fees. Research your new business venture very carefully. Know the competition and the value each company brings to the table and to your bottom line ($$) such as how much work will it take to see a return on your investment.

We are very confident of our program, because it WORKS! We believe in empowering other fellow entrepreneurs’ to help other local small businesses, communities and non-profit organizations while you keep the money in YOUR pocket!


 Why Target New Home Owners?

  • New homeowners are optimistic and excitable spenders
  • Most people are ecstatic when buying a new home and can’t wait to purchase products and services to enhance the beauty of their investment. They are overjoyed to receive gift certificates to local restaurants and attractions, and are grateful to be offered information about things to do and see in their new community. Because they have not yet established “buying loyalties”, this is the perfect opportunity for you to step in and offer incredible gift certificates from your sponsors! Given this excellent incentive to shop, the new home owner will be eager to make use of their gift certificates (shopping locally) and in so doing, will help boost your community’s economy!  They won’t even have to open the Yellow Pages!
  • What better way to acquire new clients and customers for your local sponsors than to welcome newcomers to the area with a smile, a beautiful gift package, and exquisite special offers? Your word of mouth advertising goes above and beyond any other form of media or advertising. What business owner can refuse that?


Celebrate Home, Inc believes in the POWER of Word Of Mouth Advertising. With that in mind, we offer a $100.00 Referral Fee to anyone who finds a buyer for this amazing Community Building Program! Simply have the person you referred submit your information (Name, Address & Phone Number) in the comments section when they order their business kit & we will send your $100.00 referral fee check as our thank you!

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