Dawn with the first sales basket from September 2009 .

Dawn with the first sales basket from September 2009 .

After talking about this business idea for years, Cindy and Dawn began moving toward their long-held vision of helping their communities through a unique and effective form of marketing: bold advertising that would incorporate a personal touch. Visually-appealing gifts and gift certificates from local business owners would be delivered to new home owners in the area. The strategy would go above and beyond any standard form of advertising and would bring new customers in the doors of participating businesses. Free prime rib dinners, free hair cut & color, free bowling for six – with shoes, a large pizza and pitcher of soda. This approach would be based on building relationships—the foundation of effective sales strategies. This vision would also carry them to the non-profit groups, enlisting the help of these two goodwill mavericks in delivering organizations’ needs and volunteer information to new residents. This service would be provided at no cost to the group, and would bear the hope that newcomers (while unpacking in their new homes) might consider donating unwanted items or volunteering some time to their community non-for-profit organizations.

Dawn has a strong background in graphics and printing, administration skills, and the knack for creating a successful company image (ie: company branding). She designed Celebrate Home’s logo and entire line of instant template contracts, logs, spreadsheets and correspondence materials. Her tireless devotion to this project will provide the launching pad for your business to run smoothly, easily, and efficiently. Dawn’s creative designs will have you looking professional in a snap! (And we all know – it’s ALL about image!) Check out Dawn's nationwide design, printing and marketing agency website at www.faithgraphix.com.

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Detail is EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is in the Details.
— Dawn, CEO and Founder

Dawn was married in 2015 and moved out of their local community and sold her half of their highly successful local personal touch gift basket marketing business to Cindy in January 2016. Dawn is sole owner of Celebrate Home, she truly delights in facilitating new entrepreneurs’ to be highly successful and authentic when selling and running their own community gift basket business. 

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