Frequently Asked Questions

How much profit will I make each month?

The following profit chart explains the Celebrate Home Income Opportunity. Your income is generated by the number of business sponsors you represent with each home visit. Our program will provide you with the information to set the cost per basket to your business sponsors ($3.00 / $4.00 / $5.00) and how many visits per month are determined by the demographics in your community.

Here's an example of how to use the chart above - it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – You have signed 40 business sponsors. 2 – Each business sponsor pays 4.00 per basket (per month). 3 – You deliver 30 baskets (per month) to new homeowners. 40 sponsors x $4.00 per basket x 30 baskets = $4,800.00 per month.

Now let’s think really big! One more example:

1 – You have signed 100 business sponsors. 2 – Each business sponsor pays $5.00 per basket (per month). 3 – You deliver 30 baskets (per month) to new homeowners. 100 sponsors x 5.00 per basket x 30 baskets = $15,000.00 per month!

Celebrate Home Profit Chart

Am I able to have multiple territories?

Cindy and Dawn started their business in three territories. Many of their sponsors advertise in all three territories (such as service industries/restaurants/entertainment). Many companies want to be the "exclusive" sponsor for their particular business niche in all territories. With one sponsor contract signing you have gained three times your profit! It grows that quickly!

Here is a short example of how you can Multiply your money with purchasing numerous protected exclusive territories: We will be using the same monthly profit chart example (see above) with adding 3 territories into the picture.

1 – You have signed 40 business sponsors in 3 of your territories. 2 – Each business sponsor pays 4.00 per basket (per month). 3 – You deliver 90 baskets (30 per territory) to new homeowners. 40 sponsors x $4.00 per basket x 90 baskets = $14,400.00 per month!

Many people who have purchased our kits have pushed us to sell exclusive territories and have been very interested in purchasing numerous territories around the world. They see the value of their Celebrate Home, Inc. Business Opportunity and want to secure exclusive territories in areas that mean the most to them. We have started selling exclusive territories via online in December in 2011. The inquiries have been phenomenal, we are very thankful for the ever changing, innovative path this business opportunity has taken us. We are thankful for our ground floor business owners who have pushed us to create a program that truly stands heads above the crowd in every aspect in serving you the new business owner!

What is the Return on Investment?

Return on Your (Celebrate Home) Investment: (ROI)

Based on the profit chart above, you can easily recoup your entire Celebrate Home business Opportunity investment in just one to two months depending on how much initiative you take and how much you charge per basket in your demographic area.

Let's use this as an example: Cindy and Dawn signed 60 businesses in their very first 60 days of operation. The following example is using the lower price of $3.00 per basket as per the chart above.

If each business is charged $3.00 per basket delivery, based on 30 deliveries per month.

60 businesses billed at $3.00 per delivery x 30 deliveries per month = $5,400.00 (Net Profit) in your very first month!

Note: The average home visit takes 10 – 15 minutes which yields $180.00 per home delivery. Wouldn’t you say that’s a pretty amazing income for visiting with your new neighbors? (Yes it is!)

Are payment plans available? 

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans at 0% interest with a plan to meet your budget. Our flexible payment plan is for the exclusive territory only. Your Celebrate Home business opportunity kit must be paid in full to secure your easy pay plan.

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