Our Story

Inspired and driven by the dream of stimulating their local economy and helping non-profit organizations thrive, Cindy and Dawn founded Celebrate Home, Inc. in September 2009. They started their local personal touch marketing business in three extremely rural Counties / Territories in Southeastern Wisconsin.  

Conceived as a mere thought in the minds of two women, the business kicked into high gear instantly while writing the program and selling the dream of baskets overflowing with promotional items, and sample gift certificates. In less than 60 days they had signed over 60 new sponsors. In December 2009, their first baskets rolled out to the new home owners in three counties, thirty baskets per county. Below is a picture of their first homeowner gift basket deliveries. 


Over the years, countless phone calls ensued between Cindy and Dawn regarding the hopeful aspiration. Due to the ever-challenged, constantly declining economy, Dawn was laid off for two years from her job as an administrative manager and print broker. After sending out thousands of resumes – all to no avail – and with her meager unemployment rapidly running out, a desperate Dawn called Cindy. Out of the seemingly hopeless situation, creative thoughts and ideas were born and the two women rolled up their sleeves and got to work. 

Taking in the whole economic picture, they observed that local non-profit organizations were hurting just as much – if not more – than local businesses. Cindy and Dawn began moving toward their long-held vision of helping their communities through a unique and effective form of marketing: bold advertising that would incorporate a personal touch. Visually appealing gifts and gift certificates from local business owners would be delivered to new home owners in the area. The strategy would go above and beyond any standard form of advertising and would bring new customers in the doors of participating businesses. Free prime rib dinners, free hair cut & color, free bowling for six – with shoes, a large pizza and pitcher of soda. Wow! 

The vision would also carry them to the non-profit groups, enlisting the help of these two goodwill mavericks in delivering the nonprofit organizations’ needs and volunteer information to new residents. This service would be provided at no cost to the group, and would bear the hope that newcomers (while unpacking in their new homes) might consider donating unwanted items or volunteering some time to their community non-for-profit organizations. 

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