Why New Home Owners? 

New homeowners are optimistic and excitable spenders.

Most people are ecstatic when buying a new home and can’t wait to purchase products and services to enhance the beauty of their investment. They are overjoyed to receive gift certificates to local restaurants and attractions, and are grateful to be offered information about things to do and see in their new community. Because they have not yet established “buying loyalties”, this is the perfect opportunity for you to step in and offer incredible gift certificates from your sponsors! Given this excellent incentive to shop, the new home owner will be eager to make use of their gift certificates (shopping locally) and in so doing, will help boost your community’s economy! They won’t even have to open the Yellow Pages!

What better way to acquire new clients and customers for your local sponsors than to welcome newcomers to the area with a smile, a beautiful gift package, and exquisite special offers? Your word of mouth advertising goes above and beyond any other form of media or advertising. What business owner can refuse that?

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