What makes Celebration Home different from a franchise?

We have done extensive research on businesses that offer the same type of program as Celebrate Home, Inc. Starting costs on the least expensive welcome service business opportunity is $12,000 plus royalties’ and fees. Research your new business venture very carefully. Know the competition and the value each company brings to the table and to your bottom line ($$) such as how much work will it take to see a return on your investment.

We are very confident of our program, because it works! We believe in empowering other fellow entrepreneurs’ to help other local small businesses, communities and non-profit organizations while you keep the money in your pocket.

Celebrate Home vs. Franchise

How do you determine an exclusive territory?

By filling out the exclusive territory application (on our Request a Quote Page) Celebrate Home can map out sustainable territory(s) in your interested cities or counties. We base our criteria on both population and most importantly home sales in your local area.

How do you find the new homeowners to deliver to?

Our program will show you how to find homes that have recently sold and how to have realtors invite you to their closings.

How do you determine how many baskets to deliver and what to charge per basket to your sponsors?

Our program will show you how to configure the amount of deliveries for your demographic area. It will also show you how to determine the price per basket to charge your sponsors.

Do I have to purchase baskets for each delivery?

No, we will show you how to do an amazing presentation in the home, without purchasing pricey baskets.

How do you find sponsors?

There are many different ways to find & obtain sponsors. Our program teaches you via digital files and our training CD verbatim how to attain sponsors. Also, our kit includes 2 samples of powerful personalized greeting cards which will give you a warm lead into the finest businesses. We give you all the digital professionally branded Celebrate Home, Inc. photos and verbiage to use on these greeting cards so you can generate a warm lead to new potential sponsors and re-sign your sponsor’s as their contracts are up for renewal.

What experience do I need to run this type of business?

First and foremost, you must have a heart and passion for helping your community grow and for improving your local economy. This passion can be realized by offering a bold, effective marketing plan to connect new residents to their local businesses and non-profit organizations. A background in sales is helpful, but not required. In a nutshell, the only thing you will need to bring to the table is ambition and a desire to help others. All the ground work has been done for you. We personally worked out all the obstacles to make this program work efficiently while making an incredible income! We have designed the program for you to work smart, not hard!

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