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Our Kit






Our Kit






What Makes the Celebrate Home Kit Special?

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Celebrate Home’s business opportunity makes it easy to grow your business quickly. Included in the program are over 60 different templates of professionally branded digital files for running a successful welcome service. Simply fill in your information on each template and you are ready to run your business instantly with ease!

All of our Celebrate Home, Inc. digital files (ie: letterheads, forms and marketing material) that you will receive in your business kit are branded with YOUR own personalized branded logo for you to use to start your powerful new business instantly and effectively! Your Celebrate Home, Inc. brand helps you take control of how people perceive you. You will be recognized for who you are and most importantly, what you do!

What's Inside: 

  •  Getting Started
  • Digital File Index
  • Celebrate Home Potential Sales Profit Chart
  • Q & A on what makes a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Phone Scripts
  • Sponsor Contact Log
  • Non-Profit Contact Log
  • Real Estate, Home Builder and Condo Association Log
  • Potential Sponsor Letters
  • Sponsor List
  • Letters to Home Builders, Condo Associations and Realtors
  • Company Letterhead
  • Formal Business Proposal to Potential Sponsors
  • Contract Start Date and Ending Date - Cheat Sheet
  • Promotional Item & Gift Certificate Ideas for Potential Sponsors
  • 18 Digital Sample Gift Certificates (Plus: 1 Gift Certificate Template)
  • 4 Celebrate Home Professional Pictures for your Greeting Cards and to use to Enhance Your Business Marketing Image
  • Various Businesses to Contact
  •  Personal Touch Marketing Purchasing Contract / Front & Back - 3 Part NCR Form
  • Non-Profit Personal Touch Marketing Agreement / Front - 2 Part NCR Form
  • Monthly Profit Breakdown Spreadsheet
  • Sales Spreadsheet - Track Clients Payments, Contract Start & End Dates, Total Sales, Commission Paid & Profit
  • Sponsor Information Spreadsheet
  • Mileage Spreadsheet with Reimbursement Totals
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Receipts
  • Gift Basket Synopsis
  • Gift Basket Recipient Log
  • Sponsor Gift Basket Delivery Report
  • Gift Basket Delivery Spreadsheet in Numerical Order
  • Survey - Sent to the New Home Owner After Gift Basked Delivery
  • Missed You Door Hangers
  • W-9 Form
  • Contract Labor Application
  • Sample Sales Representative Policies and Procedure Contract
  • Sample Sales Representative Agreement
  • Bullet Points about Celebrate Home For Training
  • Free Networking Letter to Sponsors {Helps your clients sales which equals = LOYAL Sponsors!}
  • Information Letter to Realtors (regarding closings)
  • Help Wanted Ad
  • Call Back Log
  • Photo Release Waivers

Included in your kit is yet another product that adds an extra special, personal touch to your Celebrate Home business. Pave the way and gain a warm lead into the hearts of prospective sponsors by sending them a targeted greeting card. Each kit provides personalized samples of greeting cards plus 4 professionally shot Celebrate Home, Inc digital files that add value to your new business. We will show you an easy way to use the personalized cards as a door buster to get your foot in the door with a warm lead with potential sponsors – sponsors that you handpick to represent! These high quality, low price cards are power packed with style, adding that special personal touch that makes Celebrate Home stand out above the crowd! We believe in working SMART, Not HARD!

Marketing Tools:

Your Celebrate Home Professionally Branded Templates are set up with YOUR personalized branded logo and are print ready files:

  • Ready to Order Business Cards

  • Tri-Fold Brochures

  • 3 Part NCR Contracts and Beautiful Brushed Gold or Brushed Silver Full Color Name Badges

Training Audio CD: 

Your Kit Also Includes a power packed training audio CD that includes:

  • A welcome from Celebrate Home, Inc originators Cindy & Dawn: the story of how Celebrate Home was first conceived, then quickly taken from the ground floor and built into the very successful business it is today.

  • You will also learn what makes Celebrate Home unique as a Personal Touch Marketing / Advertising Company, how to find customers, how to ask for sales, how to demonstrate your presentation, products & services, how to close the deal and how to advance in your Celebrate Home Advertising Sales career by building a team.

Additional Stream of Income:

Generate additional revenue by selling promotional products to potential sponsors and to everyone you network with in your community. Kaeser & Blair promotional items enhance your services and add value to your Celebrate Home business! Being a Kaeser & Blair dealer is not only a lot of fun, but it earns you a commission on every transaction.

Kaeser & Blair has been in the business of helping and supporting dealers for more than 100 years. They have developed the largest, most respected and highly compensated networks of promotional - product dealers and businesses in the industry.

Celebrate Home is an independent representative of Kaeser & Blair, we will supply you with an application to Kaeser & Blair where you will make generous profits on every promotional item you sell!

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