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Celebrate Home, Inc. offers Exclusive territories around the world. Please fill out the Exclusive Territory Application below to see if your area of interest is available and that we may do the extensive research on the population and home sales in your local area so that we can submit a quote to you with viable operating territories. Our territories are extremely inexpensive unlike franchisees’ that sell territories at astronomical prices that are often unaffordable. Please see the franchise comparison chart (on our FAQ page) to see what an incredible value Celebrate Home offers! We will do the extensive research on the population and home sales to offer you viable territories in your area. Please Note: The cost of your personally branded Celebrate Home, Inc. Business Opportunity Kit is $1,295.00 plus your exclusive territory area which is determined by population and home sales in the past 6 months.

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Exclusive Territory Application

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Please advise if you are interested in a city, county, or region.

Flexible Payment Plan

Our payment plans are 0% interest and based on your individual budget. Once we determine the cost of your exclusive territory, we will contact you and discuss a flexible payment plan to meet your budget. Please note that you will receive the get started portion of the program upon first payment so you can do the ground work to set up your business.

Exclusive Territory Application

We began selling our Celebrate Home Business Opportunity Kits in May 2011. We are pleased to say that our program has been well received. We have entrepreneurs operating their own home based businesses from the east coast to the west coast in the United States as well as territories in Canada and Austrilia.

We look forward to putting Your New Successful Celebrate Home Business on our world map!

We made it easy, open your kit, put in the flash drive, read the information, fill in your instant branded templates and get to business of success instantly!

Celebrate Home, Inc offers exclusive territories only. This is one of our most important benefits when purchasing a Celebrate Home Business Opportunity. We structure our Celebrate Home Authorized Dealer Territories in such a way that help prevent encroachment from other Celebrate Home Dealers when they purchase a new territory.

Your exclusive territory contract is put in place to protect your area and investment.

Referral Fee

Celebrate Home, Inc believes in the POWER of Word Of Mouth Advertising. With that in mind, we offer a $100.00 Referral Fee to anyone who finds a buyer for this amazing Community Building Program! Simply have the person you referred submit your information (Name, Address & Phone Number) in the comments section when they order their business kit & we will send your $100.00 referral fee check as our thank you!


The Celebrate Home, Inc. Digital / Audio Training Manual is designed to provide information regarding owning and operating a Personal Touch Marketing / Advertising Business.

Celebrate Home, Inc takes no responsibility for the success or failure of any individual Celebrate Home Personal touch Marketing / Advertising Business.

Use of the Celebrate Home, Inc Digital / Audio Training is not a substitute for legal, accounting, insurance, financial or other professional services. Please consult the appropriate professionals for answers to your specific questions. Please note all sales are final. 

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