I am so glad I stumbled on to celebratehome.biz. I’ve been in the sales and marketing profession for 20 years and never have I found something so rewarding and PROFITABLE at the same time! In just 7 months I have created a nice recurring revenue stream and now I have 1 salesman and just interviewed another. Thanks Dawn for helping me simplify my life, spend more time with my family and help my community while making a nice living at the same time!
— Curtis, Kentucky
Laura and I started an inventory business in March 2011. We spent money trying many avenues of advertising to reach homeowners and businesses. With a struggling economy we noticed other businesses needed help as well. Laura did the research and found Celebrate Home, Inc. a personal touch advertising business. When Laura approached me with the idea of joining Celebrate Home I thought, “This is it! We can help ourselves and others too”. We figured if we are going to advertise for ourselves and increase our profits why not advertise for other businesses and share this economic way of producing results. We have been with Celebrate Home for four months now and absolutely love it. Laura and I love to work with people. It is so rewarding to visit homeowners and to present them with gift basket full of certificates, gifts, and personal recommendations from area businesses. It is also rewarding to offer small businesses a more economical way to get people in their doors. We are finding that homeowners are appreciative and businesses are receptive of our services. Their faces light up and they become excited. Of course, we could not have accomplished so much in so little time if it weren’t for our mentor, Dawn. We owe most of our success to this amazing entrepreneur. She is just awesome. The advice she gave us was extremely helpful and allowed us to start off quickly with success. We were able to avoid any major errors that accompany the startup of a new business. Although it took a lot of time and effort on our part Dawn made the process of starting Celebrate Home easy and less stressful by providing us with the necessary forms and letters as well as being available for questions and concerns.
— Bonnie, West Virginia
The value of this business opportunity is amazing. The startup price for most business opportunities is expensive but Dawn made it extremely affordable. In fact, I thought it was too reasonable for what they were offering: the kit, the advice, and the conference calls. The profits earned in this business produce long term results in a fairly short amount of time unlike other businesses that take years. Dawn developed a very detailed business program for Celebrate Home, leaving nothing out. The templates include letters to clients and homeowners, client contracts, employee contracts, letter heads, the company logo; excel spreadsheets for various lists & bookkeeping, sample phone/visit scripts, and much more. Not only were the templates helpful but Dawn has been there every step of the way. Dawn made it so easy to start a personal touch advertising business by doing the planning for new interested entrepreneurs.
— Laura, West Virginia
My daughters and I stumbled upon Celebrate Home by accident while browsing a business magazine looking at different opportunities to make additional income. When we came across this in an ad we knew this was a huge potential for us to make extra income to help us with college tuition, something we have struggled with. We have a nest egg growing in just a few months since we began and we feel so lucky to be able to help our community new residents with an introduction to their new town while the small businesses reap the benefits of getting new customers from a great target market. I wish I would have had this service visit me in my town when I moved 15 years ago across country! We found it easy to follow the business plan and get up and running in about a little over a month. The program is easy and it covers everything on how to run this type of welcome service and covers everything from start to finish. The reaction and feedback has been so rewarding. The business was worth much more than I paid in my opinion and I feel lucky to have found this business opportunity in this tough economy. I can foresee this being a lifetime business with a very good income. Thanks to Dawn for her transparent help when I had questions!
— Ingrid, Iowa
In July 2011, I purchased the Celebrate Home business opportunity and was so pleased with how thorough and easy the program was designed! It was easy to understand what I needed to do to get started and all the tools, templates and training was all available right within the digital files the program provided. I followed the Get Started part of the program and in September I launched my business with 22 businesses in my community gift baskets and 7 nonprofits! In just 60 days I have an income of over $2500 per month and I have tried so many MLM opportunities and other business opportunities and this is the one that truly panned out to be what it was portrayed to be. I love helping small businesses grow in my own hometown! I love to see nonprofits benefit from the program too! I plan to add $2500 in contracts to my income every 60 days and I know it won’t be too difficult with the Celebrate Home program. I thank Celebrate Home for this lease back on life after being unemployed for almost 3 years!
— Donna, Ohio
Celebrate home offers a great business opportunity. The business kit is a life-saver. It is complete with valuable information that I can use to successfully run the business. It contains a ton of information. I do advise that you study the kit and familiarize yourself with it. I absolutely love that Dawn is accessible and that I can email her anytime, her prompt responses to my questions are much appreciated. I am excited to launch my business soon!
— Joy, New Jersey
I am very impressed with your transparent approach to conducting business and the passion you have for small businesses, non-profits and keeping a community growing and supporting each other together.

This “niche” business model that you have developed is truly in a class by itself.
— David, Florida
I have been in radio and television marketing for over 10 years and never has a marketing and advertising plan been so efficient and beneficial for small business owners and so well accepted. We made our money back from our business within our first 5 sales call. Thank you, owning our own Celebrate Home business is so rewarding on so many levels.
— Tish & Kourtney, Nevada
From one of our business sponsors who we represent in our local personal touch community gift basket: I wanted to thank you for your attentiveness to my business and supporting other locally owned businesses throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. There is power in numbers and I am thankful for all that you do!
— Aimee, Wisconsin
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